Tribal Council

William Vance

Tribal Treasurer

William Vance, the son of Mary Ann Martin, is a dedicated and experienced leader currently serving his second term on Tribal Council. In his initial term, he held the positions of Vice-Chairman and Treasurer, showcasing his commitment to responsible financial stewardship. Presently, William serves as the Tribal Treasurer, leveraging his expertise in fiscal matters to contribute to the community’s financial well-being.

In addition to his role on the Tribal Council, William is an active member of the Augustine Gaming Commission, further demonstrating his commitment to effective governance. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology from UCSB, and he is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Philology with a minor in Business at ASU, showcasing his dedication to ongoing education.

William has directed his efforts towards ensuring the soundness of tribal finances. His meticulous attention to financial matters and strategic initiatives has contributed to the fiscal stability of the community. Through his multifaceted contributions, William continues to play a vital role in the responsible management and growth of tribal resources.

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