Tribal Council

Amanda Augustine

Tribal Chairperson

Amanda Augustine, the eldest daughter of Mary Ann Martin, has not only served as a steadfast advocate for the Augustine Band of Cahuilla Indians but has also held the esteemed position of Tribal Chairwoman since 2016. Currently in her second term in this pivotal role, Amanda’s leadership has been marked by a profound commitment to community well-being and the preservation of cultural heritage.

Amanda’s academic journey reflects her dedication to addressing the intricate challenges faced by the community. Armed with a master’s degree in Psychology, specializing in Industrial/Organizational Psychology, she brings a unique perspective to enhancing mental health and organizational dynamics within the tribe.

Undeterred in her pursuit of knowledge and justice, Amanda is on the verge of completing her second master’s degree, this time in Indigenous People’s Law. This endeavor underscores her unwavering dedication to advocating for the legal rights and sovereignty of Indigenous communities. By combining her psychological expertise with legal knowledge, Amanda aims to contribute to the holistic development and empowerment of the tribe.

Beyond her professional achievements, Amanda takes pride in her role as a devoted wife and mother of six children. Juggling the responsibilities of family life with her leadership role has been both challenging and rewarding, reinforcing her belief in the importance of a strong and supportive community.

In her capacity as tribal chairwoman, Amanda envisions creating a thriving community that embraces cultural heritage while adapting to changing times. Her commitment lies in fostering unity, advocating for rights, and ensuring a bright and sustainable future for the Augustine Band of Cahuilla Indians. Amanda firmly believes that, together, the community can build resilience and empowerment, honoring the past while embracing the opportunities of the future.

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