Lasting Legacy


Our business enterprise has developed a foundation of stability and economic growth for the east end of the Coachella Valley. Indeed, the economic impact of our casino is being felt by community leaders and public entities in addition to hundreds of residents and employees. We are a substantial, trusted, and growing force in the region.

Further, our duty as citizens extends to a policy of generous philanthropy, participating in business and community organizations, and playing a role with entities such as the Greater Palm Springs Convention & Visitors Bureau. Similarly, we have strong bonds and relationships with local police, fire and ambulance as well as the media.

In our commitment to the environment and sustainable practices, notably our well-established solar operation, we continue as a leader in generating green energy. We are also a leader in tribal sovereignty. With 540 acres that comprise our reservation including our organic farming operation, we have additional land being held in trust, which will expand the reservation to more than 600 acres.

Our acreage holdings are sacred, and we do not take lightly our role as stewards of the land. This commitment is of utmost importance to the Tribe’s existence and success, something that underpins everything we do.

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